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Aquarad Digital aquarium heaters have been desgined and manufactured by industry veterans and we are proud to present you with our latest high quality finished product.
The temperature control in your aquarium is a very important aspect of fishkeeping. If you keep your aquarium the correct temperature your fish can live longer, however making significant changes to your temperature can put your fish under a lot of stress. An easy to control and maintain aquarium heater is the best option for your aquarium.
The AquaRad aquarium heater range has guaranteed durability and has a temperature acurracy to within 1 degree. Setting the temperature is very easy with a small turn of the dial. Ideal for beginners or full time hobbyists the AquaRad aquarium heater comes in a range of sizes to suit all aquarists needs. Ideal for use in either saltwater or freshwater aquariums.

• High visability LED display which accurately shows you the current internal water temperature,
• Can be used with its durable plastic outer casing or without, still allowing for a clear view of the aquarium temperature.
• Mounting brackets to securely attach the heater to the tank from multiple locations.
• Double strength glass for extra durablitiy and protection against smashing.
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