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(Activated Carbon/Ceramic Rings Instructions)Make sure you follow the instructions supplied with your Filter system on how to unplug; remove and replace new filter media. Our instructions are a generic guide to replacing the media.There are a couple of ways you can replace your filter media. You can either: Remove the media from the net provided and lay it lose in the filter tray
Place the media in the net inside the tray.

Remember to rinse the filter media under the tap before putting into your filter to remove any dust from the media.  This can be either done by rinsing the media under the tap whilst in the net provided or if you are putting the media direct into the media trays, do this and then run the tray under the tap.
When putting the filter media into the trays you must make sure the netted or lose filter media is spread evenly over the tray.  This is because water will flow using the easiest possible route. If there are any large gaps between the filter media and the walls of your filter, the water will flow down the sides and not efficiently through the media. If you use the Carbonor Ceramics in the media netsmake sure they are evenly touching the sides of the filter for full effectiveness. Placing Media in loose:
make sure media is spread evenly up to the sides of the filter trays. Using Media Bag provided:
make sure media is spread evenly  up to the sides of the filter trays
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