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jane johnston said on Jul 7, 2014 6:50 PM
7th july 2014 I would just like to say a big thank u to suzi for looking after my tortoise slogalog when we went on holiaday in june,this was the first time I had taken slogalog to some body different to look after her,so I wasnt sure if she would settle ,but I can say that she was well looked after and cared for while I was away,and she was happy while she was with suzi,and when I got her home she just settled back in, so I would defently recomemd rural pet services to any body Thank u again suzi and kev Ps she looking forward to coming back in august and iam so happy I have found you

Katie said on Jul 27, 2013 7:01 PM
Thank you very much! I boarded my African Pygmy hedgehog (Rosie) with Suzy and Kev while I was on holiday. Rosie was looked after so well and when she came home she was healthy and happy. Her bedding was clean, food and water topped up and her vivarium at exactly the right temperature, absolutely brilliant! I enjoyed receiving a text on the first night of Rosie staying away, it reassured me a lot. It shows how professional and caring they are. I'm so pleased I decided to board Rosie with rural pet services. I couldn't have wished for a better place for her, I will definatley reccomend to others!

 Thanks Kev, Really pleased with the advice, care and condition given to my marine purchase both in coral and fish. For me I can say, and I have purchased enough, that the quality is excellent. Far better than my previous purchases from of similar and same stock from local fish shops. I will be going back again
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Mo wrote 11/06/2012

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